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(demo tracks)

LOGLINE: The daughter of a long-dead ‘80s rockstar hires a down-and-out band to perform a rock concert Seánce with the hopes of making contact with her father. Instead, they inadvertently make contact with an ancient evil, bringing them all to the brink of destruction and eternal glory.

Eyes Closed
00:00 / 05:38

Notes: The ending will be more definitive on the final album. In the original version, there was a reason it cuts off abruptly. 

Eyes Closed

The band is setting up in Dante’s venue, and early scares commence! This is where we build tension while still in the safe place of setup and discovery.  

00:00 / 03:38

Notes: More orchestral elements. We're losing the guitar solo at the end and making it feel more rhythmic and powerful. At the moment, the ending doesn't take itself seriously enough.


The eye of the storm. The band is stuck. A demon is after them, and they are trapped with no plan. As they all sit with their thoughts, Cash attempts to reconnect and apologize to Becky, having now learned why she left the band and feeling disconnected from his best friend.

Memento Mori Reprise
00:00 / 02:12

Notes: This song will be completely different. We have a completely new beginning, that musically explores Becky's thoughts and is longer now. We're also looking for a singer with a warmer more subtle acting, and then just insane acrobatics for the end. We have people specifically in mind that we are talking to.

Memento Mori Reprise

The final conflict song. Becky, Cash, and Claire have hit the part of their journey where they can see through the conflict that got them all here and an epiphany from Becky saves them all with a unified song that conquers the literal demon.    

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