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(demo tracks)

LOGLINE: The daughter ‘80s rockstar hires a down-and-out band to perform a rock concert Seánce with the hopes of making contact with her long-dead father. Instead, they inadvertently make contact with an ancient evil, bringing them all to the brink of destruction and eternal glory.


Lips Of Dante Dawkins
00:00 / 02:22

This is what’s called a piano sketch. Multiple parts are written in a way that gives information to the arranger and orchestrator of what the instruments want to do. I only wrote a couple Seance numbers this way. I will frequently demo an entire arrangement, and then have my arranger do his magic

Lips Of Dante Dawkins

Opening number. Ensemble cold open exploring the myth and the legend of the greatest rock star of all time, that everyone is waiting in line to see. The song takes us through Dante getting ready for his big show and his audience's expectations for the night. The song ends with the beginning of the band's first song, ending in a mysterious catastrophe. 


Hold On

Interlude establishing Dante’s daughter Claire, gathering candles and books for what seems to be some kind of ceremony. 

Hold On
00:00 / 01:16

Note: The final singer will be asked to perform this in a warmer more intimate way. We will likely use two singers for this role, an actor and a more acrobatic singer for the more difficult work later in the show. 


Grey Area
00:00 / 03:30

Notes: A piano composer sung piano scratch. 

Gray Area

The “want song” establishes our main character. Becky has left the band and is being asked to join them for this very high-profile show for the daughter of Dante Dawkins. She is very private about why she left the band, this is her emotional struggle with whether or not to join the band for this single night. It’s uncovered later that she gave up on music when the level exec holding the keys to their career tried to take advantage of her. 


Walk Away

The arrival song, exploring the band's relationship to each other and their conflict. 

Walk Away
00:00 / 02:43

Notes: Another song with some strong lyric changes. Demo lyrics throughout. 

3. Eyes Closed
00:00 / 04:01

Notes: The ending will be more definitive on the final album. In the original version, there was a reason it cuts off abruptly. 


Eyes Closed

The band is setting up in Dante’s venue, and early scares commence! This is where we build tension while still in the safe place of setup and discovery.  

The Source Scratch
00:00 / 03:38

Notes: This is the kind of sketch I usually send our arranger. Parts and musical concepts are more fleshed out compared to the opening. David Lamoureux and I go through these demos and make a plan for the final song. What you're hearing is a cacophony of the composer quietly singing the melody.


The Source

After a stressful exchange, the band has passed Claire's test and is unwittingly drawn into a ceremony, preparing for what turns into a seance for Dante Dawkins. The band plays along in what they believe to be some kind of pre-show ritual. 


Memento Mori

The Seance... Cash begins to sing as if possessed. The song is a combination of inner monologue and the actual song that Claire believes will bring her father back. But it all falls apart as the band's emotional dissonance ruins the whole plan.

Memento Mori
00:00 / 02:38

Notes: The main notes for this song are pretty specific. There will be a bit more orchestral work in the final.


00:00 / 03:38

Notes: More orchestral elements. We're losing the guitar solo at the end and making it feel more rhythmic and powerful. At the moment, the ending doesn't take itself seriously enough.


The eye of the storm. The band is stuck. A demon is after them, and they are trapped with no plan. As they all sit with their thoughts, Cash attempts to reconnect and apologize to Becky, having now learned why she left the band and feeling disconnected from his best friend.

Eyes Open
00:00 / 03:39

Notes: This song will be completely different. We have a completely new beginning, that musically explores Becky's thoughts and is longer now. We're also looking for a singer with a warmer more subtle acting, and then just insane acrobatics for the end. We have people specifically in mind that we are talking to.


Eyes Open

The final conflict song. Becky, Cash, and Claire have hit the part of their journey where they can see through the conflict that got them all here and an epiphany from Becky saves them all with a unified song that conquers the literal demon.    


00:00 / 00:32

Notes: This is a complete smash edit of two songs together, this has been fleshed out in notes and is being worked on now.


The dust settles. The group is reborn. The healing can finally begin. 

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