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Disrupting the Industry

Accidental Jacket is an all encompassing creative production house, intersecting film, stage and music. Our drive is to tell compelling stories in innovative ways. We want to upset the status quo. Ask thoughtful questions. And never stop disrupting the way things are done to make something no one ever dreamed.


We create commercials, branded content, films, music videos, live productions and digital content. Ever evolving with the latest technology and trends, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and deliver premium quality products to our clients and collaborators.

AJE strives to spark imaginative thinking to produce great work. If you have an idea, we've got you covered. If you don't have an idea, we've also got you covered. If you find yourself left out in the cold, we've still got you covered... in a Jacket.

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Sean Keller
CCO / Director / Head of Video

Meet the Team

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Huck Walton
CEO / Head of Music
Brian Gillet
CMO / Executive Producer

Our Clients

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AJE is a creative think tank & production company wrapped in one.

Ideation, concept development or scriptwriting, we work with you to best tell your story or convey your brand.


Here is where we turn imaginative ideas into reality. We thrive in the execution and creativity that occurs on set.

Sometimes the best ideas come from months of planning. Sometimes they come from something spur of the moment. We like to create an environment that nurtures both.


Now the puzzle starts to take shape. We utilize the Adobe Creative suite to edit along with DaVinci Resolve to color grade. 

We provide clients with links to to view drafts of cuts and provide time-code accurate notes for final deliverables.

Music Production

AJE's secret weapon is one of our Co-Founders who also happens to be a brilliant song writer, composer and music producer.


This step is typically outsourced but we are able to complete all stages of music production in house.

What We Do

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